Recreation Activities Around West Lake, Tay Ho, Ha Noi

Discover the leisurely charm of West Lake as we explore a plethora of recreation activities that beckon around its serene shores. From tranquil strolls to vibrant water sports, West Lake offers a diverse range of options for relaxation and adventure seekers alike. Join us on a journey to uncover the best recreational experiences in this picturesque oasis.

1. Cycling

Enjoy Serene Bike Rides

Explore the lake’s surroundings by cycling, a popular activity enjoyed by both locals and visitors.

Free equipment available for morning or afternoon exercise sessions.

2. West Lake’s Water Park

A Fun-Filled Water Adventure

Nestled beside West Lake, this water park draws families and adventure seekers with its Santorini-inspired design.

Ideal for cooling off during hot summers with various water sports.

3. Swan Pedalo

Romantic Swan Boat Rides

Couples can hire swan pedalos for a leisurely and romantic sail on the lake, offering picturesque moments and conversations.

4. Cafés

Enjoy Tranquility by the Lakeside

Discover peace in Hanoi’s serene cafés, such as Maison de Tet Décor, Maison de Blanc, LeMarz Coffee Roastery, and 6 Degrees.

These coffee shops offer stunning views and a relaxing atmosphere.

5. Cuisine

Savor West Lake’s Culinary Delights

Taste West Lake shrimp fried cakes, a renowned local delicacy.

Try shellfish vermicelli soup and coconut ice cream for a unique culinary experience.

6. Lotus Pond Photography

Capture Serenity in Every Frame

During lotus blooming season, immerse yourself in the peaceful lotus ponds.

Photograph the beautiful lotus flowers while wearing traditional “Ao dai” attire.

How to Get to West Lake

West Lake is conveniently located in Tay Ho District, north-west of Hanoi’s inner city. Various transportation options are available:

By Bus: Take buses 13, 33, 50, or 70 (Ticket cost: 7,000 VND)

From Hanoi Old Quarter: Use a taxi (11,500 VND – 17,500 VND/kilometer), Grab, GoViet, Be Apps (Fixed prices), or travel by motorbike (30 minutes).

Local Tips for Your West Lake Visit

Arrive early to enjoy the fresh air and captivating sunrise or visit in the evening for romantic night scenery.

Explore the lake on a bike for a more immersive experience.

Dress comfortably for movement, but wear formal attire when visiting temples or pagodas.

Remain vigilant against pickpockets and thieves.

A visit to Hanoi is incomplete without experiencing the natural beauty, rich culture, and diverse culinary delights of West Lake. Discover the serene charm that awaits you at this enchanting destination.

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