Morning Star always welcomes children anytime, anywhere, according to the parents’ needs.

Prioritizing high-standard curriculum, Morning Star confidently offers the best educational approach for children from 18 months to 5th grade. Here, children will have the freedom to develop their personalities and awaken their hidden talents, preparing them to conquer any future challenges.

Seamless Enrollment, Anytime, Anywhere!


    International Program for Kindergarten and Elementary school

    After 28 years of operation and growth, we take pride in our small class sizes with a dedicated, passionate, and high-quality international faculty.

    Children from 18 months to 6 years old are nurtured and educated in a friendly and open international environment.

    Following an International Program based on the US Common Core Standards and International Baccalaureate (IB) standards.

    Children are free to express themselves, develop their true personalities, and experience knowledge on their own terms

    A green and refreshing environment is always the top priority for the comprehensive development of children’s mental and intellectual abilities.


    Your child will always receive the best care at Morning Star

    Small Class Size

    As small size class your child will receive special attention from teachers, allowing for more interaction and individual support. 

    Global Community

    Over 60 countries worldwide, providing opportunities for students to interact with diverse cultures, enhancing the critical thinking skills and flexibility.

    Excelent Teacher

    With over 10 years of experience, our teachers possesses modern teaching methods, imparting knowledge and skills to foster your child’s exceptional development.

    Explore the physical facilities of Morning Star

    Standard classrooms equipped with interactive teaching aids to facilitate effective knowledge retention and flexible application for your child.

    Diverse and abundant functional rooms: dance studios, international standard swimming pools, green play areas, and more.

    The outdoor playground ensures physical development, making your child active, enhancing immunity, and promoting outstanding health.

    Located in the middle of West Lake, the campus nurtures tranquility in both the soul and physique of your child



    Every day at school is a fun and exciting new experience

    Freedom to express emotions

    Your child’s joys and sorrows are allowed to freely manifest so that the teachers can listen and better understand their emotions.

    Independence and self-reliance

    Cultivating a proactive spirit, encouraging children to do what they can on their own in order to establish independent habits.


    Children are free to be creative with their unique perspectives, without adhering to a fixed template, ensuring their interest and happiness at school.

    Developing individual personalities

    Morning Star respects every child’s opinions and decisions, helping them discover their passions and explore hidden talents

    Developing social awareness

     At MSIS we teach children interact with their peers in various ways, learning to respect the opinions and emotions of others.

    ENROLLMENT for Kindergarten and Elementary




      Our teaching faculty comes from all over the globe bringing with them the knowledge and experience of international teaching techniques and standards. All of our teachers have international teaching qualifications. Many of our faculty have been with us for more than 4 years, watching students grow from Kindergarten through our elementary. 

      Grade 1 Teacher

      Monkey Class Teacher

      Eimear O Shea
      Monkey Teacher

      Grade 4 Teacher

      Grade 3 Teacher

      Hippo Class Teacher

      Grade 2 Teacher

      Grade 3 Teacher