5 Compelling Reasons for Parents to Engage in Their Child’s Education

At Morning Star International School, we believe in the immense impact of parental involvement in a child’s education journey. On the 16th of October, numerous dedicated Northbridge parents joined us for our annual Parent-Teacher conferences, a testament to their commitment to their child’s development. These conferences served as invaluable opportunities for parents to gain insights into their child’s progress, both academically and socially. We trust that these meetings left you well-informed, and equipped with a clear roadmap to support your child’s learning journey at home.

Our primary objective in hosting these conferences is to foster a shared understanding between teachers and parents, united in their commitment to the student’s growth and success.

Research has consistently demonstrated the profound benefits of parental involvement in schools. The Harvard Family Research Project’s findings underscore the positive influence of parental engagement on a child’s education. It’s been proven that student achievement soars when parents actively participate in their child’s educational journey.

Here are five compelling reasons why parents should actively engage in their child’s education, although the benefits extend far beyond this list:

1.Elevated Academic Performance:

Children whose parents are actively involved tend to achieve higher grades and attain superior test scores. Studies reveal that heightened parental involvement correlates with significant improvements in reading and math skills.

2.Enhanced Behavior:

Parental engagement fosters improved social skills and behavior in students. Children with engaged parents are less likely to skip school, exhibit disruptive behavior, or neglect their homework. Moreover, students with actively involved fathers tend to enjoy school more and face fewer disciplinary issues.

3.Improved Educational Quality:

Parental involvement contributes to the enhancement of school quality, boosts teacher morale, and elevates a school’s reputation within the community. Teachers hold higher expectations for students whose parents are engaged, creating a positive cycle of educational excellence.

4.Boosted Self-Confidence:

Students who receive support at both home and school develop positive attitudes toward learning, increased self-confidence, and a stronger commitment to academic achievement. They feel accepted, valued, and respected in the school environment.

5.Parental Growth:

Parents who actively participate in their child’s education become more comfortable within the school setting, gain confidence in their parenting abilities, and feel better equipped to facilitate their child’s learning journey. This involvement often inspires parents to pursue their own educational advancement.

Remember, involvement need not be overwhelming. Even dedicating a few hours a year can make a substantial difference in your child’s educational experience. At Morning Star International School, we welcome and encourage your active participation in nurturing your child’s growth and success.

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