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Kindergarten & Elementary

08:00 - 16:00

Monday to Friday

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Photo of Morning Star International School Grade 4 Teacher Sinead

Sinead Rout-Lysandrou

Sinead is delighted to be joining the Morning Star team as the new grade 4 teacher. The 29 year old from Sheffield in the UK, has been a teacher in Hanoi for over three years, teaching various age groups. She has taught in a variety of different settings which gives her a unique understanding of various aspects of education within Vietnam. During her time in Hanoi she has established a charity, ‘Tiny Treasures’, which aims to raise awareness for children with autism and other special needs in Vietnam.

Sinead continues to self reflect and enjoys learning new approaches and implementing new strategies ensuring her teaching methods grow with her students. Her classroom is a student led space with open discussions, a creative approach to learning where students can feel confident in their own abilities. She provides a safe environment for students to make their mistakes and learn from experience. This creates a good relationship between teacher, student and parent, which is crucial as communication is key throughout a students educational journey.

Sinead is a patient, inclusive and energetic teacher, ensuring all students are able to engage in activities at their at their own pace. She is extremely excited to meet her new class and to help them develop and grow further in the Morning Star family.

I am passionate about teaching and love watching children express their ideas through their own creativity. I aim to support them in their journey to becoming independent thinkers with a love of learning that will continue throughout their lives. I believe we should celebrate each child’s successes big or small and encourage them to become independent learners and unique individuals.