International Environment

Since the establishment of Morningstar we have welcomed students from over 100 countries. At Morningstar diversity and difference is valued. Throughout the school year we celebrate our diversity, share our cultural traditions and incorporate this international identity into the curriculum.


Morningstar teachers are dedicated professionals who prepare and implement a full educational teaching plan according to the schools curriculum and ethos, providing knowledge and instruction whilst helping every student develop their personalities, skills and a love of learning.


A quiet learning environment benefits every child and enhances the level of concentration. Tay Ho campus is located in a leafy enclave, which is traffic free and peaceful. Van Phuc ‘s location near the Diplomatic Compound is insulated from the bustle of the outside world to create an oasis of peace and security.

Small Class Size

With a commitment to a low student/teacher ratio every child is given the attention and support necessary to reach their highest potential. Teachers can identify and accommodate different learning styles and utilize varying strategies to help children do well.