No transition is easy, especially when it means we have to grow up. One challenge that Lions must face all year round, is preparing for this big change. Kindergarten is the perfect spring board for Grade School, it lets them learn all their phonics, counting and vocabulary, in a more free and creative environment.

Grade School can seem daunting to our youngsters who become so set in their routines. Now there’s no sleep time, less play time, more working and more responsibilities. They will start using textbooks for the first time; will learn addition and subtraction properly, as well as how to tell the time, view fractions and 2D/3D shapes. It can be a lot to take in, but luckily with our steady curriculum, they manage it year round.

One important aspect to take into consideration for Grade 1 students is their Literacy and Language ability. Of course not all the students at the school speak fluent English, and many who do may not yet be at a reading level. We have A-Z books in our classroom that steadily allow the kids to build up their reading ability, starting at A. Writing in their journals will be introduced halfway through the year, once the other bases are covered. This will allow the students to have more freedom of thought when writing and thinking creatively.

We have a lovely mix of creative activities for our international class in the afternoons, with 2 sessions of P.E., 1 Art, 1 Technology and 1 Music session per week, they steadily begun to understand the importance of these creative subjects as well as their Math and English, and the rules that apply to all.

Above all else, the social side of school is paramount and though it is important to learn, it is arguably more important to be well behaved and respectful towards one another. We cannot always play with our toys when we want to anymore, we must listen to our teacher, say please and thank you and strive to be the best that we can be.

Yours kindly,

Miss Catherine Grade 1 Teacher