Our learning environment


Small class sizes

At Morning Star we are committed to small class sizes.

Small class sizes mean:

  • Our students get more one-on-one time with teachers. This type of educating is critical, both for the development of skills and for motivating students.
  • Our teachers can identify any problems faster, meaning our students get the attention they need straight away.
  • Our classrooms have a more cohesive class culture, classmates form very strong bonds in our schools and have the opportunity to interact with all their classmates.
  • Our teachers form close relationships with their students. This close relationship means our students are more engaged in the curriculum and have a greater level of participation in class.
  • We can grow faster and cover more ground with our students.


Classrooms and facilities

All of our school classrooms are large, fully equipped spaces, decorated with projects and art by our students. We use air purifiers in every classroom to ensure that our students are breathing clean, fresh air.

We have a 40m2 Dance Studio, a 60m2 library and computer room space, a dedicated indoor PE room and over 650m2 of outdoor play facilities, including a jungle gym, football pitch, sandpit, and climbing frame.


Global community

Our students are from all over the world, building a truly international community of learners, celebrating and embracing our cultural and personal differences. Our students are encouraged to learn about different cultures, religions, believes and attitudes so they develop and open-minded global outlook.


Community conscious

We create a welcoming, nurturing environment with students, families and the surrounding community. Throughout the year we host and participate in events allowing our students, parents, and family to engage and socialize with the wider community.


Our Teachers

We have built a school environment that both students and teachers love. Our teaching faculty are professionals from all over the world, bringing with them knowledge and experience of different teaching methods and global education. Our staff retention is very high, many of our foreign teaching staff have been with us for over three years, meaning that our students benefit from being able to form good lasting relationships. Read more about our teachers.