Our mission

“Our mission is to encourage students to be creative, confident and imaginative thinkers who develop a lifelong love for exploring and learning, achieved within our supportive environment that values and promotes diversity and difference through our international program.”


Our vision

“Our students will inspire and help others to positively impact on our local and global community”


Our values 


Our students are encouraged to stay constantly curious and ready to learn new skills and knowledge. Our students are taught to pursue their interests and explore new activities, becoming independent, motivated learners.


We create a nurturing environment that encourages students to respect and care for themselves, each other and the wider community, Our students are from all over the world, building a truly international community of learners, celebrating and embracing our cultural and personal differences.


We believe in the importance of self-expression through any creative act, that’s why our students learn a variety of supplementary subjects that allow students to express themselves. Creativity fosters growth in our students, providing them with opportunities to try new ideas, and new ways of thinking.


We teach our students the value of teamwork and collaboration. We provide students with an extensive calendar of events, field trips and activities through the year that students can participate in with their fellow students and the wider community.


Our students are taught to take an active role in their learning by recognizing they have responsibilities in the learning process. By teaching our students about accountability, they are responsible in the classroom, at home and in their communities. Our students help each other to create a positive impact on their community and globally,